Bigger does NOT mean better!

When changing out your air conditioning system or adding a new one, bigger is not always better. When making a purchase customers want to make sure that they get the most for their money. That can mean a bigger television, a top-of-the-line stereo, or even a larger diamond. That philosophy should not carry over to the comfort cooling realm. When properly installed, air conditioning systems are sized according to need and space. What is good for one home or office does not mean it is good for another.

An air conditioning system obtains its optimum efficiency when it runs long enough to remove the appropriate amount of moisture from the air. Problems of an oversized system include decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and mold growth. In order to prohibit this, properly sized equipment is key. To achieve this, a qualified mechanical contractor should perform a heat load calculation and input the variations found in your home or office. The results will indicate the correct sizing for the required equipment

Even though a larger system will obtain the desired temperature much more quickly it does not run long enough to remove the correct amount of moisture in the air (humidity). A correctly sized unit will run longer to obtain the desired temperature; however, energy efficiency will be reached. With the moisture being removed you may find that you do not have to “bury” the thermostat needle to be comfortable.

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